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4 Signs Your Parking Lot’s Striping Has Run Its Course!

If your business relies on customers coming and going from your parking lot, it’s essential to ensure that the striping is up to par. Faded or worn striping can be a significant safety hazard. 309 Paving Services will discuss four warning signs that your parking lot’s striping needs updating in this blog post!

Signs to Update Your Paring Lot

If you see these indications, it’s time to give your parking lot a makeover:

1. The Stripes are Faded and No Longer Visible

When the stripes in your parking lot are faded, it can be difficult for drivers to see where they should be driving. It can lead to accidents. Faded stripes are one of the most common signs that it’s time to repaint your parking lot. If you notice that the lines are starting to fade, don’t wait to have them repainted.

The best way to prevent faded stripes is to have them repainted regularly. Typically, you should plan on having your parking lot repainted every two to three years. If you want your parking lot to look its best, it’s essential to keep the lines fresh and visible.

2. The Lines are Crooked or Not Straight

If you notice that the lines in your parking lot are no longer straight, it’s time to have them repainted. It is usually a sign that the initial painting job wasn’t done correctly. Crooked lines can be dangerous for drivers and make your parking lot look unprofessional. Be sure to hire a professional to repaint your stripes if you notice they’re no longer straight.

3. The Paint is Peeling or Flaking Off

The parking lot lines deteriorate with time and traffic. Worn-out signs appear in the form of paint flaking off. They can also be damaged by weather, such as sunlight and snow. If you have a parking lot that is starting to look old and run-down, it may be time to have it repainted.

4. Other Signs

Other signs to update your parking lot lines includes:

-There are fewer than three parking spaces per row.

-The spaces are not the correct size.

-The lines cross over each other or are too close together.

-There is no line at the end of the lot. 

These could create potential hazards for drivers and pedestrians alike, so it’s essential to watch them! If you want to provide an excellent experience to your customers and employees, you must ensure that your parking lot is well-maintained. New striping can do wonders for the look of your business. It will also help avoid potential accidents by making the lines more visible.

Ending Note

Have you been putting off getting your parking lot’s striping done? If so, now is the time to take action! A well-maintained parking lot looks better, but it can also help improve safety and prevent accidents. So don’t wait any longer; contact 309 Paving Services serving Pekin, IL, today! We would be more than happy to give you a free estimate.