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Get Driveway Repair Before Summer Parties

It’s time for hosting parties, get-togethers, and family gatherings. More people at the house, parking in the driveway, and looking closely at your home. We take a closer look ourselves before they get there to avoid any embarrassment from cracked driveways. Everyone wants a beautiful home and property to host their friends and family, and summer is the best time to do it. Let us help you with driveway repair to make your property have a great first impression for all your guests.

Common Driveway Repair Problems

At 309 Paving Services, we see it all with driveways and parking lots. We perform residential and commercial repairs, and the most common things we see are cracks and settling issues.

How are cracks caused? There can be a few reasons. One common way is a tree an owner plants too close to the driveway. The roots extend over time and raise the soil up. The pressure of this soil on the driveway causes cracking issues. Additionally, if the soil is saturated with water, it pushes against the driveway and cause cracks as well. Lastly, cracks are caused by parking a vehicle or trailer that’s too heavy. The weight of the vehicle or trailer is too much for the driveway and causes immediate cracking.

Common Driveway Repair Problems

Asphalt or Concrete?

While concrete is the most common option, asphalt is a great, durable method for driveways. It is cost effective, simple, strong, and is used in many situations. It’s great for areas with high traffic as it’s less likely to crack with regular maintenance. Additionally, it looks clean and can set off your home nicely from the rest on your street.

Repair or Replace?

You have a few options for driveway repair or replacement. 309 Paving Services can assess the state of your driveway and let you know what works best for you. In some cases, it’s not necessary to tear up the whole driveway and replace it. It may, in fact, be more economical to perform driveway repair in certain situations. If your driveway has repairs and not replacement, the patchwork process looks great. We dig up the area that needs fixed, make sure the ground is solid, and then pour in new asphalt to match the existing.

Choose 309 Paving Services

If you’re looking for driveway repair before summer gatherings, it’s time to call 309 Paving Services. We are experts in the area, and we work with you to get your driveway repair complete. We give you a safe and beautiful driveway that lasts for years to come. Contact us today for more information.

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