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Get Your Business Ready For Spring

With warmer weather finally making an appearance, it is time to go full speed ahead with getting your business in tip-top shape for your customers this spring. Keeping the exterior of your business presentable is of high importance due to the fact that it is the first thing a customer will see when approaching. Now that temps are rising, there is no excuse not to complete some simple spring cleaning tasks that will add major curb appeal to your business. Follow our six spring cleaning tips below to get your business ready for spring and ensure a great first impression.

1. Restripe Parking Lot

Bright, fresh parking lot stripes are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they will ensure that your customers have a good experience when entering your parking lot. Without clean lines, not only could customers become confused, but they could get the impression that your business does not value customer satisfaction. A parking lot with well-marked lines will show your customers that you care about your appearance, and more importantly, your customer’s experience.

2. Fresh Coat of Paint

After a cold, harsh winter, you may notice that your exterior is in need of a fresh coat of paint. Touching up areas of the exterior will create a more appealing and welcoming feel to your customers. Added a fresh coat of paint will prove that you take the time for upkeep of your property, therefore adding more credibility to your business.

3. Fill Potholes

After winter, it is common to see potholes throughout your parking lot that may not have been there previously. While the city will take care of public roads, your private parking lot is your responsibility to keep pothole free. Making sure these are properly filled will keep your customers safe, prevent vehicle damage, and will overall keep your customers satisfied.

4. Clean Windows

No one wants to see a business with grimy, dirt covered windows. Cleaning your windows will add that shine to the exterior of your business that shows you value your business’ appearance. While many businesses hire a window cleaning company, if you are up for the job, you can easily complete this task yourself. There are many DIY window washing cleaners and tips out there that will ensure a job well done.

5. Power Wash

Not only will power washing remove any grime or mold on the exterior of your building, adding curb appeal to your business, but it is also considered a preventative maintenance for your structure. Allowing dirt, dust, and other grime to build up on the structure could lead to rot, decay, and aging of the building. Save yourself time and money in the long run by power washing your exterior.

6. Parking Lot Sweeping

Another great way to get your business ready for spring is by hiring a reputable company in your area that provides parking lot sweeping services. Parking lot sweeping is so important because parking lots that are not properly maintained can suggest laziness or poor management, which can hurt your reputation. Research for local parking lot sweeping companies in your area and let them help you create a positive impression.

We hope that through these spring cleaning tips, your business will be looking its absolute best for your existing, and new customers. If you are looking for a full-service parking lot maintenance company in the Spring Bay, IL area, 309 Paving Services is exactly who you are in need of. We offer a wide variety of services including asphalt paving and patchwork, parking lot striping, parking lot sweeping, and more. Stay ahead of your competition this spring, and give 309 Paving Services a call today!