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Is Your Parking Lot A Liability?

Each year, many institutions meet with their insurance providers and prove that their parking lot is not a liability. This includes large potholes or cracks that trip people or cause damage to vehicles. Additionally, it means that spaces have clear outlines and are far enough apart to meet zoning laws. Also, this reduces the risk of crashes and collisions when guests do not know how to park their vehicle. Lastly, it means a deteriorating parking lot in general. If you’re coming up on your yearly meeting, it’s time to think about what you will be asked to fix.

Potholes and Large Cracks

Potholes and large cracks in your parking not only hurt the longevity of your parking lot, they also hurt your bottom line. How is that? Insurance companies want you to resolve potholes and large cracks because they are a liability. People fall into the holes, trip on them, or damage their vehicle. All of these are a liability. If your institution is putting off the issue all year (or longer), this adds up to a hefty price tag which even leads into total parking lot re-pavement. Is this preventable?

The easiest way to prevent issues with liability are to resolve issues with potholes and large cracks as they happen. Not only are repairs less costly for smaller potholes and cracks, but you prevent further damage to your parking lot. Potholes and cracks let water soak into your parking lot which damages your asphalt and causes erosion. This reduces the life of your asphalt and puts you on the fast track to having to repair or replace your lot entirely. To prevent this before it happens, always take care of your lot by checking regularly for problems and repairing problems, sweeping and cleaning the lot for debris and spills, and re-striping and sealcoating your lot periodically.


Parking Lot Striping Issues

Many times when a lot is striped, the institution would like to make as many spots in the parking lot as possible to maximize the number of guests who can be in the building at once. Spots painted too narrowly and close together cause people to open their doors into the car next to them to get out, accidental accidents and collisions, and lots of angry guests. This is also a liability for your institution if these guests should bring the issue to your office. Lines should also be clear and stand out so that people know where to park. Don’t let lines fade. People will park wherever they want. A few simple steps will resolve this issue.

Parking Lot Striping Issues

Unfortunately, your institution’s spacing cannot be too narrow in parking lots. This will cause problems with guests. If you would like to have more narrow parking spaces and fit more in your lot, consider diagonal spacing instead of horizontal spacing. This is a solution to get more spots in your lot. Always keep up with parking lot striping and get it done professionally. While it might seem like a wonderful idea to get your maintenance guy to do it for a few hours of pay, he does not have the equipment or experience to adequately paint the parking lot. Leave this one to the professionals, like those at 309 Paving Services.

We hope these tips were helpful to think about before your review. When you take care of maintenance throughout the year instead of all at once, you don’t feel the effects of the cost as hard on your institution’s budget. Try to do parking lot maintenance throughout the year. If you’d like to get started on resolving some issues with your lot, give 309 Paving Services a call and we’d be happy to help you out!