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Need An Asphalt Patch For Your Peoria Parking Lot?

With all the summer gatherings, you probably noticed that your organization’s parking lot isn’t looking as good as usual. Maybe it’s the traffic causing problems, or maybe it’s the first time you’ve taken a look since winter. Maybe the asphalt is just getting old. Whatever the case, if you’re looking for an asphalt patch, 309 Paving Services has the solution.

Asphalt Patch vs. Replace

When should you perform an asphalt patch and when should you consider re-pouring? How long does it last? What conditions make Peoria, IL better or worse than anywhere else for asphalt? These may be questions running through your mind as you sit at the next board meeting of your organization. 309 Paving Services understands, and we work with you to find which options fit best: replace or repair.

In many cases, it is sufficient to merely patch the asphalt. An asphalt patch involves the removal and re-pour of only the broken sections of a parking lot surface. The deteriorated section is saw cut out of the pavement surface, checked for good base, and then new asphalt is applied and blended with the original surface. This creates a sturdy surface which will be durable and stable for years to come until it is determined that the asphalt needs re-poured entirely, which happens in the natural life of an asphalt parking lot.

What if you need a re-pour? We can do that as well! Asphalt is a durable, stable material that is a great choice for a parking lot redo. It will be able to sustain all of the cars that an organization might have in their lot at a given time without receiving too much wear and tear. We pour asphalt in such places as: driveways, parking lots, roadways, overlays, sidewalks and bike paths, new construction, and specialty projects.

Don’t Forget the Striping

Once the parking lot has had an asphalt patch (or a few), 309 Paving Services can then do asphalt striping for your lot. Crisp, fresh, straight lines really make all the difference on updating many lots to look like new. Plus, faded lines can cause problems with parking and even accessibility problems when it’s not clear which parking spaces are accessible and which are not. 309 Paving Services can make sure that your lot is looking its best with asphalt patch work and asphalt striping to make it good as new once more.

309 Paving Services can get you on the right track to a better looking lot. Whether it’s an asphalt patch or a complete new pour, we can help you out. Make sure to get your lot looking really good with asphalt striping that is crisp, clear, and professionally laid. It may be tempting to leave this one to do it yourself, but clean lines and bright color really give the finishing touch to an organization’s parking lot. Give us a call today and get started on your asphalt patch and striping.