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Protecting Your Blacktop This Winter

December has arrived, which means snow and ice are soon to arrive as well. So far, the weather has not been too bad considering we are already almost halfway through the month. But, when the temperature begins to drop significantly and snow and ice begin to form, your blacktop will be paying the consequences if you do not protect your asphalt. Making sure your asphalt is in good condition takes minimal time and will ensure that you won’t deal with further issues and headaches down the road. Protecting your blacktop doesn’t have to be difficult. This winter, follow these four steps below to save yourself the time and money that goes into fixing damaged blacktop.

1. Clean your blacktop.

Before the first big snow, make sure that you thoroughly clean your blacktop and remove any leaves or debris that may be covering it. Without cleaning your driveway, snow will cover anything that is sitting on your blacktop. The snow will freeze these leaves and debris onto your blacktop making it extremely difficult to remove. Not only that but depending on what is covering your blacktop, it could cause permanent damage to the asphalt.

2. Fix any cracks or potholes.

Besides cleaning off the area, you will also want to inspect it for any cracks or potholes. Leaving these as is for winter will only worsen them, causing a bigger job for you when spring comes around. You will also want to check for any sloping areas where water seems to pool. You will want to make a note of these areas because they are places that ice will easily form. Knowing where these ice pools will form will help you avoid any slips or falls this season.

3. Shovel after every snowfall.

Protecting your blacktop can be easy as shoveling snow. When the first snowfall arrives, and every snowfall after that, you will want to make sure you are shoveling and removing it from your blacktop. Avoiding removing snow and ice from your asphalt will only lead to issues. Constant thawing and freezing of water on your blacktop will lead to problems such as cracked concrete, leaving a bigger problem for yourself. Shoveling your drive every so often will take less time and a lot less money than fixing a serious blacktop issue. If you do not want to remove the snow or ice yourself, hire a well-known snow removal company in the area to take care of it for you.

4. Use other alternatives to salt.

While many people think salt is a great thing to use during the winter months to remove any ice from your blacktop, this may not be the case. What many people don’t think about is how many chemicals are in the salt you are throwing down. Chemicals that continue to sit on your asphalt will not only affect the asphalt itself but your health and the environment as well. When at the store picking up your salt, look for all natural options instead.

By following these tips you will be on your way to protecting your blacktop, resulting in a better-looking blacktop all year round. Doing small things such as cleaning off debris and shoveling can make a huge difference and prevent damage to the asphalt. If you need assistance with filling cracks or potholes, contact a reputable company in your area. 309 Paving Services offers off of these services and more in the Peoria, IL area and surrounding locations. Our team ensures that the job gets completed with quality and care the first time, always putting the customer as number one priority. For more information on our services, you can contact us here. Get your blacktop ready for winter this year the right way!