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Quick Work Arounds To Fixing Parking Lots In East Peoria!

East Peoria is notorious for its cold and wet seasons. If you’re a commercial property owner, keeping your lot in good condition can be a real challenge this time of year.

It is ideal to always prep your parking lot before the winter arrives to ensure it continues looking good through the winter season. You can clean the surface by washing it. 

Seal coating and repairing/sealing any cracks or potholes in the warmer months are ideal. You can also hire an asphalt paving contractor like 309 Paving Services to prep your lot to face weather elements.

However, despite all preps, there may be instances that your parking lot may end up requiring repairs. And if left unchecked, they may become costly to repair in the warmer seasons.

Asphalt paving can’t be done during wet weather or rain, and it’s not durable if done in freezing temperatures. Nonetheless, specific temporary fixes can be applied to your asphalt parking lot, even in cold weather.

Here are a few quick winter asphalt repair options to fix up your lot until the warmer weather arrives:

1. Cold Patch Asphalt. Cold patch mix comprises bitumen binder and aggregate, specifically formulated for easy mixing and curing in lower temperatures. These patches do not require any special machinery, temperature, or time to cure, making them the perfect choice in winters and high-traffic areas.

First, the contractor levels the surface or cracks with sand or gravel. Then, he pours the cold asphalt mix, and the final step is tamping it down. The tamping needs to be perfect to ensure that all the air is out of the crack.

2. Heated Crack Repair. If you need some emergency repair, repairing the crack by heating the asphalt via a torch is another way. Once the original asphalt is heated enough, you can add the cold pour crack sealer to repair the cracks. This method, however, requires about two days for it to cure correctly.

3. Infrared Patch Repair. This is a quick and easy method to repair potholes or uneven surfaces that may have developed over time. First, the contractor will clean out the debris from the pothole. Next, they will heat the asphalt with an infrared machine, making it easier to add new asphalt.

Finally, they will compact the area to level with the rest of the pavement. It creates a seamless overlay between existing and new asphalt and allows repair without damaging the existing surface. It is meant for patchwork and cannot be applied to large areas. It is also not the best option to use an extensive network of cracks.

4. Asphalt Emulsion Sealer. This is a cold-applied sealer that comes in a liquid form. It is made of oil and water with an emulsifying agent that allows it to form a uniform mixture. This type of sealer can be applied in cold weather and acts as a protective layer on your pavement surface. It is only effective if your asphalt is in good condition, but it is environmentally friendly.

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