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Refresh Your Lot with Asphalt Striping

This spring it’s time to refresh your business’ parking lot with fresh asphalt striping. Your parking lot is the very first thing that people see when they visit your business, and oftentimes it doesn’t leave the right impression. Whether the lot is too small or too large for your business, or it has faded lines, or the spaces were not sized properly, parking lots are a big deal for your business. For many, they end up as the last item on the budget, but parking lots are a great asset to your business that many pay little attention to. Give your lot an overhaul this spring.

Why Can’t I Just Stripe the Lot Myself?

You can, and you may have tried to do so in the past. Once you start, you’ll realize how much easier it would be to have a professional crew with the right equipment to do it for you. Spacing, the angle of the lines (whether you need vertical or diagonal), and the crispness of the line are all going to be much easier with professional equipment. Don’t waste time with a less than perfect job only to have it redone later. Call the experts at 309 Paving Services.

It’s Important to Freshen Up Striping

Each year, we work on hundreds if not thousands of parking lots. We see many parking lots in disrepair, and this leads to an unappealing and messy lot. We see cracks in the concrete, faded surfaces, faded or nonexistent asphalt striping, and much more. All of this leads to an unpleasant experience for your customers because they then have to figure out how to park, worry about getting a door ding, and you may not be complying with the ADA with faded lines and no signage. Take a moment today and check out your parking lot. Does it need a touch up? 309 Paving Services is here to help.

Lot Design Can Ease Traffic Problems

Lastly, if you are suffering from a parking lot that is not doing what you want it to in terms of traffic, it might be the asphalt striping that’s the problem. Different designs (diagonal lines create a different experience) can be incorporated into your lot to help with traffic flow. We can also include design elements that make sense to your business like a driveway for a drive up, an area for pick up only, or whatever your business needs. There are endless options, and we would love to work with you to find the right one for your business.

Time for a Refresh

It’s time for a refresh this spring with 309 Paving Services. Call today for parking lot striping to step up your parking lot’s curb appeal and accessibility. Or, try one of our other services including patchworksealcoating, and more.