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Street Sweeping Services For Your Town

It’s the first board or city council meeting of the new year, and things are going about as expected. Lots of information, lots of requests for funds, and lots of arguing over what to do. Something that may be a topic of conversation is street sweeping services for the town. Clean streets not only enhance property values, but they also help asphalt last longer, alleviate clogged storm drain issues, and combat dust and debris. While street sweeping has both a positive economic and community impact on our towns and neighborhoods, community organizers may struggle with a good, cost-effective solution for how to best make it happen. This is where private companies like 309 Paving Services step in.

Why Choose a Private, Third Party Company?

While it may be the norm to choose from a predetermined pool of laborers, sometimes it’s actually more effective, timely, and cost-effective to just hire third party. When the town takes care of street sweeping, they also have to deal with the equipment. That means that there is maintenance, failures, and training on how to run the equipment. This all takes up more time and energy. Plus, the equipment needs a place to be stored, which can cost even more if it doesn’t already exist. These will all be points of contention on board or council which doesn’t want to spend more money than it needs to.

Buying Equipment

The town would have to buy equipment for street sweeping that could then be used to clear away debris and dust. The equipment would need a storage facility, and it would need to be regularly maintained. These are both extra fees that the town would incur. Additionally, the equipment would need to be updated and renewed every few years, which places an even greater burden of finding a buyer, junking it, or trading it. Looking far into the future, there are lasting issues with money surrounding a town providing its own street sweeping.

Buying Equipment


If the town does get the equipment, they need someone to have this job. This means another salary for the town to pay, and it means time spent training to run, maintain, and repair this machine (if that’s in the cards). This is one more expense that a town council or board generally does not want to approve.

Go Private? Yes!

309 Paving Services can do all of this for you. We have trained street sweepers who can come in, sweep, and be out in a matter of hours. There will be no extra salary, equipment, and maintenance to pay. We have our own equipment we bring in, and we can offer your community a dependable street sweeping service. Whether you need an on-call hourly power sweeping or want to establish ongoing planned service on a contractual basis, we understand that clean streets promote community pride while preserving and protecting the environment. We want to work with you to make it happen.

If this sounds like your city council meetings, it’s time to take action! 309 Paving Services is happy to talk with you about your street sweeping options. We want a healthier environment, more beautiful communities, and to make life easier for you and your town. Street sweeping is just one of those services.

Go Private? Yes!