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Summer Parking Lot Maintenance

Take a look out at your business or organization’s parking lot. Are pot holes popping up after the long winter? Is the pavement beginning to discolor and crack? 309 Paving Services provides patchwork, sealcoating, and freshly painted striping for your lot.

Parking Lot Purpose

Let’s take a moment to consider what the parking lot is for. A parking lot, is of course, for customers to park in before visiting your organization. However, a parking lot is also the first impression that customers get of your business. When there are pot holes and chipping pavement, it isn’t the impression that you are hoping to make. Your business or organization will dramatically increase traffic in summer or decrease slightly due to trips and school. In either case, this is the perfect time to think about parking lot maintenance. It is the last thing on your mind, but it is the most important thing you do for your business this summer.

Parking Lot Maintenance Options

What are the options for parking lot maintenance? Is it going to cost you an arm and a leg to get it done? Not all organizations have a lot of money to spend on maintenance, so it’s important it’s cost effective and lasts for years to come. That’s where 309 Paving Services comes in.


Firstly, we always recommend patchwork for cracking or potholes because they are a safety hazard and cause major damage to cars. If you do nothing else with your parking lot, patchwork is the one thing you need to schedule this summer. No one wants to park in a lot that has more potholes than you can easily drive around. Your customers appreciate your thoughtfulness when they are fixed.


There are two other great options for making your parking lot stand out and give your customers a great first impression. The first is for a long term investment that will make sure that your lot stays nice for years to come: sealcoating. Sealcoating is a process of applying a protective sealer over asphalt pavement to act as a barrier from the elements. This sealer protects the asphalt from UV rays, water, and other elements that damage it. Expensive repairs are in your future when you completely replace the asphalt. Instead, take the time to sealcoat your asphalt now. While parking lot maintenance is a must, the investment in sealcoating saves you more money. Additionally, it leaves your lot looking great for customers.

Asphalt Striping

Lastly, customers need to know where to park! If your striping is faded and worn, they won’t know where the spots are and damage could be caused by parking too close to other cars or over lines. Additionally, your accessible spaces need to be clearly outlined and striped to meet ADA standards. It can be tempting to “DIY” (Do-it-yourself) stripe, but it’s not a good idea. You won’t get the same clean, sharp lines as with professional equipment and professional painters. Our striping crew takes the time to ensure that you’re getting clean, crisp lines that are visually appealing to your customers. We use the best equipment on the market, Graco™ LineLazers. Restripe over existing or an entirely new layout, we have the experience to do the job right!

309 Paving Services Does the Job Right

Get your lot in good shape for summer traffic or ready for fall. Parking lot maintenance is a necessary part of customer satisfaction and impression, and it’s important to take care of yours. Give us a call today and get started on getting it in great shape again!