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The Benefits Of Asphalt Striping

Are you a business owner in Peoria, IL or the surrounding areas? If you are, you know you should keep the exterior of your property in good shape. This includes a fresh coat of paint on not only the building itself but on the asphalt of your business parking lot. Many times, asphalt striping is overlooked by businesses due to lack of money or time. Although asphalt striping may not seem important, it should be of high priority for a number of reasons.

1. Curb Appeal

The parking lot is the first thing customers see, so make sure that it has fresh asphalt striping. A restriped parking lot with vibrant lines is a simple way to give your customers that lasting first impression. It will give your business that curb appeal that sets your business apart from the competition.

2. Customer Satisfaction

Think about the last time you went to a business and you couldn’t tell where the parking lot lines were. Not only does it make the parking process harder for individuals, but it gives the impression that the business owners do not value customer satisfaction. Just like the service your business offers, your parking lot is another service that you provide your customers with. By restriping your parking lot, your customers will feel a sense of value and will know that the business truly cares about the customer’s experience.

3. Organization

Not only is a restriped parking lot aesthetically pleasing, but it helps organize your parking lot as well. By having a well-striped parking lot, customers will know where their lane is, which are authorized parking spots, and how much room they have in their parking spot. Without a striped parking lot, confusion and disorganization may set in.

4. Fire Codes & ADA Compliance

Fire codes require a well-marked fire lane in case of an emergency. This lane should be marked with the appropriate pavement markings, signs, or curb markings. Along with fire codes, the Americans with Disabilities Act has guidelines for parking lot stripes as well. Depending on the number of parking spaces your business has, it must accommodate a certain number of wide, accessible parking spaces for cars and vans. Considering this, making sure your parking lot is restriped by a professional asphalt and blacktop company will ensure that you are following the law and being code compliant.

As you can see, there are many benefits to asphalt striping in Peoria, IL. Not only does a fresh striped parking lot add major curb appeal to the exterior of your business, but you will be satisfying your customers all while staying compliant with fire codes and the ADA. If you are thinking that it may be time for a fresh coat of asphalt striping in Peoria, IL, give 309 Paving Services a call today. We provide a number of services including asphalt sealcoating and crack filling, asphalt paving and patchwork, parking lot striping, and more. Our team of professionals always ensures that the customer is satisfied with our quality, affordable services. For more information, or to contact us for a free quote, contact us here. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!