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What Is Full-Depth Asphalt Patching?

Did you know that there is a way to repair potholes without digging them out and replacing the asphalt? Full-depth asphalt patching is a process that can fix small to medium-sized potholes without needing to tear up the entire surface. Find out more about this process in today’s blog post!

What is an Asphalt Patch?

An asphalt patch is a spot repair made to your pavement. It can be as small as a pothole or large enough to cover an area of your parking lot. The patch will fill in the hole and level off the surface even with the rest of your pavement.

What Is Full-Depth Asphalt Patching?

Full-depth asphalt patching is a process where we don’t just fill in the pothole; we replace the entire depth of asphalt. This means we will cut out the damaged area and replace it with new asphalt. The new asphalt is then compacted to level with the rest of the pavement.

Contractors often use full-depth asphalt patching for larger pavements because it is a permanent solution. However, the comprehensive solutions that full-depth asphalt patching provides compel many property owners to use this method to fix cracks and other damages to the pavement.

How Do Professionals Perform a Full-Depth Asphalt Patch?

First, the paving company will clean out the damaged area of your pavement. This involves removing loose asphalt, dirt, or debris from the pothole. Once the area is clean, they will cut out the damaged section of pavement using a saw.

After removing the damaged section, the company will place a new asphalt base. They will then compact the new asphalt to level with your existing pavement.

What Are the Advantages of Full-Depth Asphalt Patching?

One of the advantages of full-depth asphalt patching is that it is a permanent solution to fixing potholes and cracks in your pavement. Unlike other methods, such as cold patching, full-depth asphalt patching will not re-crack or disintegrate over time.

Full-depth asphalt patching is also an all-weather solution to all your pavement problems. Cold patching is only a temporary fix and cannot be used in wet or freezing conditions.

The process also improves pavement strength considerably. Replacing the existing damaged pavement with new asphalt will add to the overall strength and support of the pavement.

Full-depth asphalt patching is a cost-effective solution. If you are looking for a permanent, all-weather solution to fixing potholes and cracks in your pavement, full-depth asphalt patching is the way!

Full-depth asphalt patching is the solution if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to fix those pesky potholes. Not only is this process more affordable than tearing up the entire surface and replacing it, but it’s also a whole lot faster. Our team at 309 Paving Services (AAA Parking Lot Maintenance) can have your surface looking good as new in no time. Get a free pavement maintenance estimate with our team in East Peoria today.